This special episode briefly narrates about the rebirth life of High Novice until High Priest job level 70.
With different play-style than the previous episode, I really hope you enjoy watching it!

Server : IRO
Type : Official Server
System : Renewal
Note : The server held a 200% exp event while this video was being recorded. (July 5 – 12, 2018)


  1. HI! watching your vids makes me want to play RO again lol, which server would you recommend best? I enjoy the normal leveling and bit of instant cast would be great. I heard JRO is the best but language barrier might be an issue

  2. wow ur vídeos is amazing

  3. You are the best Ragnarok Online content creator! Everyone loves you. Keep it up.

  4. Love you. Good job again. Hope to see more!

  5. woooooooooooooo! pt.3 is out! <3

  6. LOL i played for 8 years (no continually) RO but i didn’t know that i can improve the stats with chat commands. I feel so bad for my mouse…

    Anyways, your videos and editions are great

  7. top 10 most brutal torture in the world

  8. Damn I watch the whole thing again.

  9. u r funny i love you have some love. got very confused it wasnt in japanese and gameplay was different, even though i watchedthe last two parts… game seems quite different in terms of levling up quickly at start nnn yeah okay maybe not that different. thx for video helps nostalgia /e11

  10. Now i want Adoramus AB leveling!

  11. I remember those error. Quit play for a week cause of that.

  12. what happened with split error buddy so annoying

  13. It’s always a holiday when roween uploads

  14. Wow!! Just wondering when part3 gonna release. Another great one!!!

  15. So satisfying

  16. “My bra is sacred”

  17. Tip: you should unequip clip of undercast before casting magnus.

    and equiped it once you start casting magnus
    – this is to avoid the 50% increase cast time from the phen card..
    – once you equiped phen card mid-cast your spell will be uninteruptable

    p.s. i love you videos : )
    im a huge fan of grinding

  18. I seem to enjoy IRO more than JRO levelling videos. Keep it up!!

  19. love this game forever❤❤❤

  20. This is very good quality for entertainment. Hope to see upcoming videos soon krup.

  21. Yay New stuff

  22. Чисто кайф

  23. Love ur video kub !

  24. 8:15 lmfao

  25. How many players in IRO now? I want to comeback but im still not sure 🙁

  26. ซับไทย แปลได้ดีมากครับ

  27. ลบลงใหม่แล้วสินะครับ lol